“Everyone who has had the chance to collaborate with Ross has told me how great he has been to work with and how quickly he picks up nuances of projects. Ross has a great sense of organization, attention to detail, and work ethic. Design artifacts he has put together have put our stakeholders in awe, and they greatly appreciate his monumental efforts.”
-Lead Designer ($VZ)
“Ross proved to be a huge asset to the project. Despite being riddled with a huge learning curve Ross came on with a great attitude and eagerness to participate. With so many people in the project, it can be hard to stand out; Not Ross, he was always ready to share his opinions, and provide useful design feedback that added a lot to our team's collaboration”
-Senior Designer ($CMA)
“Ross helped guide me and teach me the ins and outs of design software and would hop on calls to ensure I understood tasks. His guidance was a tremendous help and made all the difference for our tasks and team. Ross is a key player and any team would be lucky to have him”
-Junior Designer ($VZ)
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